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ky_rating's Journal

Kaori Yuki Rating
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Welcome to ky_rating! This is a rating community, where you can find out which one of many characters you are by the lovely Kaori Yuki.

All characters are © Kaori Yuki.

Moderator: chibi_saria
Co-Mod(s): demnwngdkiwi, rose_of_pain, and maplecroix

Stamps will be made when a person is done with voting, and is ready to be stamped!

Affiliates: tekken_rating, chbts_rating
If you want to be an affiliate, you can message chibi_saria on AIM- xChibi Saria.

«You flame, or bash, you.. uh, die.
«You must be a member of this community, or no posting for you.
«You don't need to be stamped to vote for others.
«No cosplay pictures. You may post them AFTER you are rated.
«Fill out survey completely, and post atleast 1 clear picture of yourself. If no pictures, then describe yourself.
«Survey + pictures must be behind an LJ-Cut.
«You get ONE re-stamp if you don't like the character you've been stamped as.
«Put "Your Name Is Messiah" in the subject, so we know you have read the spiffy rules.
«Advertisement is alright, but it must have to do with any Kaori Yuki's work, or other rating communities. Just don't go overboard.

»Being mean is a no-no.
»You must be a member to vote.
»BOLD your votes.
»One or two choices.
»Put the name and the title where the character it from, at the bottom of your comment.
»You will be stamped once you get 6 votes.


Other Traits:

Favorite Color(s):
Favorite Kaori Yuki Character and why:
Least Favorite Kaori Yuki character and Why:

Leader or Follower?:
Shy or Outgoing?:
Pessimistic or Optimistic?:

Would you like to be Voted as a guy or girl?:

Anything Else?:

Pictures and/or Description:


demnwngdkiwi :: Sara Mudou of Angel Sanctuary
silverwingkat :: Sara Mudou of Angel Sanctuary
aibyouka7 :: Setsuna Mudou of Angel Sanctuary
alkairis :: Setsuna Mudou of Angel Sanctuary
sadomasochism :: Alexiel of Angel Sanctuary
anne_nime :: Cain Hargreaves of Count Cain
rose_of_pain :: Tye Cain Hargreaves of Count Cain and Kurai of Angel Sanctuary
monsieur_mimi :: Riffel Raffit of Count Cain
timeofreckoning :: Lawrence of Boys Next Door
ryutsuki :: Ludwig of Ludwig Revolution
fadetopaper :: Tye Alexiel of Angel Sanctuary and Cain Hargreaves of Count Cain
gravifuuten :: Ludwig of Ludwig Revolution